Senior Adult Ministry


'Primetimers' is the name we give to our attendees who are over age 50. We have more than one adult Sunday School class, and one of these is enjoyed primarily by people over 50. We regularly try to do things as a group  (dinners, parties, and outings).  Our outings are fun, and good food is nearly always present.

It has been a major disappointment that we have not been able to meet together, because of the shelter in-place order from our officials.

Enduring Word Sunday school class tried a live meeting online for  about 30 minutes by way of a Zoom meeting. Many folks may not be familiar with this option, so here is an explanation:

  1. The meeting ID, hosted by David Jay, is
    • Please email if you want a self contained email with the invite details on our next meeting
  2. Check out this youtube video for a setup explanation .

Other church members are encouraged to participate.

  January 2021  
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