Sunday Services

Southwood Church of the Nazarene is located at  8201 Raytown Rd,  Raytown, MO 64138

Our normal meeting time is  Sunday,    9:30 am  for Sunday School;   10:45 am for Worship Service

Because of health advisories for covid-19, we have modified our meeting method to accommodate weather and social distancing concerns.

Indoor Worship Starting October 18th

As we approach fall and winter, the cool weather will soon have us worshiping indoors. We will need to take certain precautions to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Southwood’s church board has approved the following plan to maintain a sanitized facility and to assure safety guidelines. This requires the cooperation of everyone, as we humbly ask for your patience and grace in the transition as we follow the safety guidelines of health professionals.

What to expect
  • To wear a mask the entire service
  • There will be worship through singing, preaching, and tithing. If you are uncomfortable with any of these happenings while indoors, join us virtually.
Sanitizing procedures:
  • Restrooms and other high-touch areas such as doors and pews will be cleaned each week
  • Hand sanitizer is available in restrooms, in the foyer, and sanctuary
  • Drinking fountains are not available for use
  • Sanctuary doors will remain open at all times to increase ventilation
Guidelines for indoor worship:
  • Join the worship service virtually if you have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath
  • Please arrive early so the flow of people can be more easily facilitated
  • Masks are required at all times while indoors (for those more than 2 years old). If you are not able or willing to wear a mask, join the worship service virtually. If you don’t have a mask, we will have one available for you
  • Try to enter/exit the sanctuary one family unit at a time
  • Practice social distancing, especially when in the foyer (stay at least 6 feet, about 2 arms’ length, from other people)
  • Someone will be available to greet you and guide you to the sanctuary, and give direction about where to sit
  • Pews will be marked off to help with social distancing
  • When entering the sanctuary, fill the seating as far toward the front as is available. When exiting the sanctuary, please allow people toward the back to leave first. (These practices will help the flow and avoid unnecessary passing of others in close proximity) 
  • Please refrain from hugging and shaking hands with others
  • Restrooms are available to one individual or family unit at a time. Someone will be in the foyer to provide guidance about when a restroom is available
  • Nursery and children’s ministries are not available. Children and infants are welcome but must remain with their family at all times
  • There will be a box near the sanctuary doors in which tithes and offerings can be deposited
  • If available seating in the sanctuary becomes full, additional seating (and live-streamed video) will be utilized in the conference room and/or fellowship hall

Questions? Please contact our office at 816-353-5121